Human Race is the supreme among the entire creation. Born as a human being, vision ever since my adolescence, has been to achieve something outstanding, beneficial to the society and parallel bringing a conspicuous recognition to us. It should as well create employment potential. On these lines I got inspired from the lives and attitudes of various stalwarts in the business world.
      Having been named after my grand father late Sri Alapati Ramachandra Rao, he has been my foremost prime model personality. As a cottage industry owner he pioneered the Agarbathi trade with our brand name “Ambica Durbar Bathi” throughout the country with its established supremacy. He provided employment to many people through his industry and trade.
       I tried my best to imbibe his commitment and dedication in attempting to bring out a new product- “Green Incense” manufactures altogether on different lines. With its supreme fragrance, this product will, in all reality, would catch the minds and wins over the hearts world-wide. Its outstanding feature happened to be its eco-friendly manufacturing process with full respect to the environment.
      My prayers, hopefully, would materialize in reality by touching every heart in deep.